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Happy New Year!

Now that we are manoeuvrable again, we have little desire to stay in one spot for too long. But Corona is not giving up yet. We drove back to Panamacity and had to prepare for another 3 days on board. As reported, there was a lock down over Christmas. This was followed by a week in which men and women were allowed to alternate in the shops and then another lock down over New Year’s Eve. We used the gap to sail to an island not far away. Here at Taboga we anchored in slightly deeper water and have a different view during the renewed curfew. The trip was short and we motored past the many large cargo ships anchored here, but it felt good to have a sea breeze blowing around our noses again. In January, there will be renewed restrictions for the two largest provinces here. Then you will again only be allowed to go shopping for 2 hours at certain times. So it’s time to move on to another province. In the other provinces, only the night curfew applies.

Anchorage at Christmas
Anchorage for New Year
We can still see Panamacity.

Christmas for us was quiet. Christmas Eve we had a video chat with our children: Hamburg-Bremen-Aachen-Panamacity. I baked vanilla cookies and we had an English Christmas speciality for the first time in years: “Mince Pies”. I had discovered a jar of ready-made filling and with that I managed to bake the pies.

A small addendum to our time in the shipyard:

In addition to the heavy rain showers, there was once a violent thunderstorm. One of the lightning bolts struck very close to us. In the time between the lightning and the thunder, there were sparks and a crackle in our kitchen: the voltage in the air was enough for the electric igniters on the gas plates to generate sparks!

And a small technical addendum:

We flushed our watermaker on land once a week by putting the intake into a water canister and then running the watermaker. It worked and continues to do a good job. Having enough electricity and fresh water are things that make life on board much easier.

Then, of course, there is the washing machine 😉 It was also well used again after the three weeks. However, most of the laundry was towels and pants. The pants are the clothes you wear most here, other clothing is only necessary when leaving the boat. Although the other morning we actually only had 26 degrees, almost weather where you have to reach for the T-shirt in addition.

Yes, it’s time to head north, to a climate that’s a little closer to what we were used to in northern Germany.

We wish everyone a new year with more freedom of movement! Stay healthy!

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  1. Micheline Lang

    hallo ihr 2, hab ganz vergessen mich bei euch für den letzten Bericht zu bedanken. Immer wieder öffne ich voller Neid eure Mail. Diese traumhaften Inseln, dieses Meer! Wünsche euch, dass ihr bald so richtig reisen könnt wie geplant!!
    Liebe Grüße aus dem regnerischen Hamburg.

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