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Faial — Island in the Azores

On the map, the stations we visited are marked with circles. Our tour guide was a young man who has just started his own business. The tour was terrific. That’s why I’m advertising for the organiser here:

Walk-In-Blue Touren (Kevin): Or on WhatsApp: +351 963 493 018

The harbour of Horta:
Praia de Almoxarife:

The lighthouse was destroyed in an earthquake in 1998. The ruin remains as a memorial. The new lights are LED lights. Three families used to live in the complex, so there are three wash houses and three toilet blocks.

View Point:
Parque Florestal do Cabouco

Forest with picnic facilities.


The largest crater in the middle of the island. You can walk along its rim. That is 8 km. We only walked a little way and back to the van.

Baía da Ribeira das Cabras

There are many cliffs on the island and only a few beaches. This beach was very beautiful. With black volcanic sand, of course.

Cabeco Verde

A green volcanic cone with beautiful views.

Ponta de Capelinhos

This volcano last erupted in 1958. Large parts are still covered only with ash.

Monte da Guia with a view over Horta

Here is a picture of the local supermarket. An important port of call for us.

Next visit is the island of Pico. In the picture you can see the island and the mountain of the same name in the background:

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