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world circumnavigation, Weltumsegelung

Our Sailing Videos

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First Steps

France to Germany

Hamburg to Las Palmas

Atlantic Crossing with ARC+ 2019


San Blas – as the Caribbean used to be

Panama Canal crossing

Anchor Chain Calculator App WalkThrough

Animation Anchor Chain Calculator, shallow water

Animation Anchor Chain Calculator, deep water

Animation Anchor Chain Calculator, mix of chain and rope

Trimaran SAN Dinghy Lift

Trimaran SAN in Panama

Shiplift in Vacamonte, Panama

Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Touching Whales in Mexico

Ankern bei starken Böen – Multihulls und leichte Boote verhalten sich ganz anders als ein schwerer Verdränger

Anchoring in strong gusts – multihulls and lighter vessels behave rather differently compared to heavy, compact displacement vessels