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At the Anchorage in Nassau

In Nassau at anchor we spend a lot of time tinkering on board. Mathias has a new hobby and translates the descriptions for his anchor app into different languages. By now there are already 9 translations and another 6, for which there is “only” the short description so far. The translation is done with DeepL, then back-translation into German and English, which reveals quite a few mistakes. Then he looks for a native speaker. That works out pretty well, only with the Chinese text his friend in Shanghai had to rewrite everything. 🙂

The climate here is more north German-friendly. It even happens that we are cold and have to put on a T-shirt. That happens when the temperature drops to 24 degrees. At night, you can cover up with your duvet cover again and it’s no longer too hot to snuggle up 🙂 . Now and then there are windy days when it is slightly cooler. We have already had one rainy day. Otherwise the sun shines.

Warm clothes for a cold 24 degrees and wind.

We are moored here right next to the harbour entrance and the many marinas, and during the day many excursion and fun boats come speeding past. No one pays attention to avoiding suction and wave action, so we are often rolling. The opportunities to come ashore are few and far between. But for a stay in a big city with airport connections, it’s acceptable. The next visit to Germany is planned. Unfortunately, we can’t both go. For that, we would want to put the boat in a marina, but the places here are too expensive. It would cost $300 per night. Therefore Mathias will stay here and guard the boat. The Carry On will probably be here for a while, so he won’t be all alone.

Because of the cooler evenings, I took one of our light woollen blankets out of the cupboard. I hadn’t opened this cupboard for a long time and I got a bit of a shock when I did. There were hundreds of ants walking back and forth under the blanket. It looked like a nest. Hooray! We have discovered a nest! Quickly the ants were wiped away and all the stuff from the cupboard was shaken out overboard. We don’t want to share our boat with the ants. They are too cheeky. They crawl over you on the couch in the evening and bite. As small as they are, you do notice the bite. Ant poison is supposed to be good against rheumatism, but I would rather be left alone by them.

With plenty of time on our hands, we devoted ourselves to things that have been put off for ages: Covering the upholstery with a more cheerful fabric than the standard Neel grey. I had already bought the fabric in Panama and at some point I had already washed the fabric panels. I even made a start with the first cover. Now I made good progress at first. Then I started on the upholstery that goes around the corner. I decided to put on covers from both sides and join them in the crease. Because the back cushions are also wedge-shaped, I was busy for a while. On closer inspection, you can see that no professional was at work, but our seating area now shines in bright colours and lifts the mood. 🙂

Slowly we explored the situation on land. Mathias dropped me off at the beach and I went to a different supermarket every day. They are all quite expensive. The best choice is in a supermarket that is close by. Prices are about double what you pay at Edeka in Germany. We are doubly glad that we did the hoarding shopping in St. Martin.

We prepare for Maika’s visit.


There was a regatta with small sailing boats and these triangular sails. The boom protrudes beyond the stern of the boat. One or two persons sit on a kind of outrigger pole:

I’m on my way to Germany. So Mathias will have to cook for himself for the next few weeks…..

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