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The trip to Panama

Not everything smells like banana here, but it is nice, because we are still sitting in our own little house, just like in Janosch’s story.

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Panama canal adventure

Even under normal circumstances, the transit through the Panama Canal is a small adventure for yacht crews who dare it for the first time. Transiting

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Arriving in Panama

. It’s time to start the blog with some praise for our ship. Since February 14th we call it our own for 1 year now.

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Guadeloupe to St. Martin

Yet some more sunsets: We first sailed up the coast of Guadeloupe and anchored at Pidgeon Island. The area there is called Cousteau National Park.

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Guadeloupe Island

You lie in your cabin in bed, wake up, look out of the window and a small town passes by sneakily. The cruise ship MSC

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The Caribbean

Anchored in Le Marin bay of Martinique. I stayed on my own for 12 days. A few pictures from those days: Christmas and New Year’s

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